since 2017 with the Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld:


September 24th-26th:

„Schnürchen“, Musictheater for very young audience at Theater O.N. in Berlin. with Neo Hülcker and Günther Lindner


October 6th- November 4th:

TONTRÆGER, audio-visual installation in the Lutherturm, LTK4, Cologne


October 13th/14th:

Musictheater/performance by Brigitta Muntendorf with Ensemble Garage in Ludwigshafen


October 26th:

Concert with the Multiple Joy[ce] orchestra in Cologne


October 28th:

the Rundfunktanzorchester Ehrenfeld at the Week-end Festival, Cologne


November 3rd:

Improvisation with Salim Javaid and Marlies Debacker in Atelier Dürrenfeld/Geitel


November 9th:

Concert with  Ensemble Contrechamps, Geneva


November 12th:

solo pieces and improvisation for exhibition of Zrinka Budimlija in Rondorf


November 13th&15th:

Campus MusikFabrik with Ondrej Adamek, Cologne


November 24th and 25th:

„Schnürchen“, Musictheater for very young audience at Theater O.N. in Berlin. with Neo Hülcker and Günther Lindner


December 9th/11th/13th/21st:

KUNST MUSS (zu weit gehen) oder DER ENGEL SCHWIEG (2017) Instrumental Theater for 16 Soloists by Helmut Oehring with MusikFabrik, Opera Cologne


December 14th and 15th :

THE SUITCASE, Musictheater/Movie by François Sarhan with Grete Mayer-Lindenberg (Viola) and actors in the Schloß, Moers (Fonds experimentelles Musiktheater)


December 22nd:

Concert with Ensemble Garage in the DLF Cologne


December 28th-January 2nd 2018:

Tour/concerts with Marc Ribot and colleagues in Italy



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August 19th: „Laufzeitumgebung“ with radikal translation by Steffen Krebber in Hannover

July 27th-30th: „hirschen“ audio/video/installation at the KHM Rundgang

June 13th: Concert with Contrechamps, Geneva (40th birthday-concert)

June 3rd: lunch concert with Dominik Susteck, Kunststation St.Peter, Cologne

June 2nd: string quartet / improvisation with Carolin Pook, Jazzfestival Moers

May 27th: Bukarest, concert with Garage

May 14th: Aarhus SPOR festival, Musictheater by Brigitta Muntendorf with Garage

May 5th: Hannover, concert with MusikFabrik (Turnage)

May 6th and 7th: Hannover, concert with MusikFabrik and Markus Schmickler

April 17th: Cologne-Bickendorf, St.Rochus, easter concert with Wilfried Kaets and his choir

April 13th: Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw, concert with MusikFabrik (Zappa)

March 27th: Basel, concert with Ensemble Contrechamps

March, 25th: Geneva, concert with Ensemble Contrechamps

March, 11th: Berlin, music theater labor for people from 2 years , with Neele Hülcker and Günther Lindner

February 10th: Bochum, Institut für soziale Bewegungen, Hugo Kaun String quartet

February 3rd: Stuttgart, eclat-Festival, Performance/Musictheater with Ensemble Garage

January 21st: Cologne, Kunststation St. Peter, 1 pm, „TONTRAEGER“, installation-concert with Florian Zwissler and Etienne Nillesen

January 17th: Dijon, concert with ensemble contrechamps (Zorn/Zappa)