„autumn 06/2020“

(don’t ask where i come from, ask where i’m local)

performed on June 13th 2020 on a big field close to Nettersheim/Eifel.

by and with:
Akiko Ahrendt/Helen Brecht/Sebastian von der Heide/Neo Hülcker/Tanja Kodlin/Elisa Kühnl/Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg/Etienne Nillesen and Florian Zwißler

Based on Bruno Latour’s thesis and considerations within the early hippie movement that the earth is increasingly and frighteningly becoming an actor itself, we will examine how sensitively we can approach a place. We want to integrate ourselves into the existing system and enter into an exchange with the actors present, especially non-human creatures such as animals, plants, fungi as well as stones, wood and factors such as the day/night rhythm.
In addition to conversations, discussions and the electroless everyday life, the focus will be on the acoustic exploration of stone and wood : material that have been the basis for instrument making in our musical tradition for centuries. The return to the basal materials of instrument-making, the unamplified performance and the collective working method in three days on site can also be understood as a social sculpture.
The group of protagonists from the fields of new music, free improvisation, visual arts, art theory and instrument making will create a hybrid format. The spaciousness of the site will provide a free insight into the dynamics of approaching the site and the social practice of sound exploration.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you.
Children are welcome.

supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, Musikfonds and KHM Kunsthochschule für Medien, Köln.



VULKANEIFEL, music on a film by Judith Röder.

In Form und Ästhetik werde ich mich auf den Experimentalfilm „Vulkaneifel“ von Judith Röder beziehen. Die Tradition der klassischen Stummfilmvertonung weiter denkend, wird die Musik weniger eine reine Untermalung oder akustische Illustration des Filmes sein, als vielmehr eine eigenständige Interpretation von Atmosphäre, Bildkomposition und Schnitt des Filmmaterials.
Ich spiele analog auf meiner Geige, teilweise präpariert mit Naturmaterialien aus der Eifel, der beide Künstlerinnen geographisch jeweils verbunden sind.